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In esclusiva per, commenti sulla scena musicale di Sheffield…

Stockroom is a lovely club. I know that “lovely” is an adjective that fits better a tea-room but still, Stockroom is lovely. And cosy. The black floor, the worn out carpets and the random displacement of furniture make it the perfect punk venue.

It’s a tiny little hole in the middle of traffic where you can have some genuine punk time. There is even toilet paper in the loo. It is a real sign of civilization, when in the dirtiest club in town there is toilet paper.

I went to the club for the very first time a couple of weeks ago, to enjoy a gig on the corner stage where a few punk bands kept banging on the drums and screaming their guts out at the mic. Cars were passing fast outside the window, giving the impression that they would crash the corner and actually enter the building (an event which might easily turn into tragedy, but also such a Dadaist expression that no real punk could 100% wish it didn’t happen for real….).
During a pause, this guy comes up to me with a very big yellow box. “Hi, I’m from Mutiny Plot – he says without preamble – We are trying to raise money for a proper demo, would you like to buy our album?”


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