Signorina in Sheffield #3 – Of political correctness


I hate political correctness. I hate it.Whenever I hear someone using expressions like “the N word” or “African American” I would like to punch him or her (see how ridiculous this is?) in the stomach.

Usually, they are the same people who join a white men society and try to hide it by showing they don’t say “nigger”.

Political correct, of course, has much to do with the language and the culture of a specific country.

I have not been in England long enough to know many politically correct expressions, but I hate them already.

Salesperson. Firefighter. Oh come on. Fireman is easier to spell, faster to pronounce and who cares if that fireman is a woman, are you seriously thinking that women care about this placebo for the years of exclusions from these kinds of jobs? No, they don’t.

And if they do they are stupid.

Trust me, I’m a woman. You know what is offensive? The fact the Glamour, Cosmo, Elle and rubbish like that is referred to as “women’s magazines”.

The problem is that it’s true, women do buy these things. Too bad. Women are stupid. Or better: women contain in their bodies large amounts of stupidity. If it wasn’t so, they wouldn’t spend so much time chasing inferior creatures like men.

Was any man offended by this remark? Too bad. Men are stupid.

Of course by making fun of political correctness regarding the words that were shaped to protect my category I am playing it safe.

Let’s talk about disabilities then. I have none, except complete inability to do any math.

For example: “Visually challenged”. Seriously? If I were blind and someone called me “visually challenged” I would break his nose as soon as I could locate who said it. Visually challenged? Try to breathe through your broken bones and see how it feels to be breath challenged.

I hope I made my point, and I hope at least 100% of smart people throughout the world would agree with me.

But although political correctness is the one of the stupidest human inventions of all times, I must admit that sometimes, at least in politics, you might need it.

Avoiding certain expressions because you would get social reprobation might be hypocritical, but at least you don’t get away with anything you say, because people still care for certain values.

The other day my boyfriend, who is Greek and therefore a neutral party, was telling me to stop trashing my country only to make these dumb, awfully dressed, alcoholic English people feel better about themselves.

So I thought: what’s one of the stupidest things about England?

Political correctness of course, every formal piece of paper and of speech is absolutely obsessed with it.

I was already sharpening my pencil when my eyes landed on an article from my Italian newspaper.

Apparently, in a little town named Coccaglio which is near Milan, the Lega Nord mayor launched the operation “White Christmas”, after the Bing Crosby song (by the way, Lega Nord is our BNP, with the only difference that some of its members are ministers).

Watch out guys. Don’t underestimate the recklessness of politicians who would ally with dogs, pigs and even Nick Griffin to get votes.

From the middle of November ‘til the 25th of December (hence “Christmas”) police will search every single house of the village looking for immigrants.

The slightest irregularity on the residence permit, and they will be thrown out of the country. Hence “white”.

The reason for doing something so inhumane for Christmas is explained by the major Franco Claretti: “Christmas is not about charity, is about celebrating our Christian roots”.

Now, shouldn’t people like him and who voted for him be boiled alive in a gigantic “Viva Civilization” street party?

Or is it politically incorrect to say so?

By Marta Musso

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