Archivio mensile:ottobre 2011

Great Halloween Teaser


So glad I helped out, it’s a great video!!


Citizen Berlusconi – eng version


Sweet, they put online the first documentary I worked for in 2003, by the American PBS in collaboration with Stefilm… enjoy!

Interview with Emanuele Crialese


Emanuele Crialese is one of the best examples of the Renaissance of Italian cinema in the past 10 years… I interviewed him for Extranews when he was out with “The Golden Door”, and I found out he’s also a lovely person… here is the interview, out of Extracampus archives, with English caption!

Eniscuola channel


I was recently asked to edit some experiments for “Eniscuola”, the new learning project by Eni… they are actually pretty cool, here is my favourite:

click here to watch the others (and the website. You can learn a lot of interesting stuff on water, oil and energy…)