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Great Halloween Teaser


So glad I helped out, it’s a great video!!


Citizen Berlusconi – eng version


Sweet, they put online the first documentary I worked for in 2003, by the American PBS in collaboration with Stefilm… enjoy!

Dust – The great asbestos trial


A new documentary I have worked for, produced by RSI Swiss TV channel in collaboration with the almighty ARTE and Doc Film Found… I still haven’t seen the final cut, but I went through pretty scary archive footgae.. such as a commerical on asbestos cigarettes from the ’50s in the US…



This is by far the documentary I am most proud of. Not only because it was screened in Venice, it was released all over Europe and it won the Sheffield Doc Fest… you see the surreal images of illegal TV in the ’70s? That was me: I FOUND THE FOOTAGE!